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Can we assist your business or community by providing a way for your freelance operators to invoice for their work? Would you like to employ an entrepreneur effortlessly? OP Light Entrepreneur offers a convenient option for employers to hire an entrepreneur.

We handle the paperwork for entrepreneurs on your behalf, enabling easy payment transactions and expert service based on a one-stop principle. Whether you have a few or a few hundred entrepreneurs as partners, OP Light Entrepreneur's partner solutions save time and money, which also benefits the entrepreneur.

Reliable accounting and invoicing platform for freelancers or subcontracting entrepreneurs

We offer reliable accounting and the most versatile invoicing platform on the market for freelancers or subcontracting entrepreneurs. OP Light Entrepreneur enables freelancers to enjoy the tax benefits of an entrepreneur and the ease of an employee!

We see light entrepreneurship and self-employment with business ID as an important and significant part of our society, as there are already 237,564 private trades (according to the PRH statistics on 3.1.2022). The purpose of our service is to promote self-employment by making it effortless to establish a business. We had the honor of establishing over 25% of private trade business ID's in 2021. We register a Business ID for free for users who register for our service, if one has not yet been established.

Why OP Light Entrepreneur?

MPayment transactions

Outsource payment transactions and bureaucracy reliably. Payments are automatically recorded in the accounting.

We offer subcontractors the opportunity for automatic payment processing, so the entrepreneur does not need to create an invoice from our system themselves.

Customer Service

We support the entrepreneur in both the initial challenges and various stages of business operations. Our specialists help the entrepreneur with all questions.

Appointed contact person for the client to ensure smooth cooperation.


As the employer, you only need to take care of the payment, we will then take care of the other obligations based on the one-stop-shop principle.

We handle entrepreneurs' accounting, take care of tax returns and their payment on their behalf. We also ensure that any possible deductions are taken into account in taxation.

Turnkey solution

We enable easy assignments taking care of entrepreneurs' taxation, accounting, and other deductions.

Ask Lassi about partnership

OP Light Entrepreneur has grown into a pioneer of light entrepreneurship with a business ID, thanks to entrepreneur-oriented service development. The purpose of the service has been to create the best service for invoicing one's own work in Finland, while saving both the entrepreneur's and the client's time and money.

Specialist Lassi smiles with his arms crossed.
Our goal as corporate communities is to lower the threshold for entrepreneurship. We want to increase awareness about entrepreneurship, when it is worthwhile and how both the entrepreneur and the client benefit from it.
Lassi Leppänen, business developer, OP Light Entrepreneur

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