OP Light Entrepreneur x You?

Do you know operating as an OP Light Entrepreneur as well as your own pockets and work as a content producer? From time to time, we are looking for new partners for commercial collaborations. Propose a collaboration with the OP Light Entrepreneur service by contacting us.

We want to amplify the voices of our entrepreneurs and therefore we are eager to hear your proposal for influencer marketing as an OP Light Entrepreneur, or as someone planning to become one. We believe in transparent and honest interaction in marketing. That's why we want to give a voice to those who know our service best, namely You.

Send us your proposal for influencer marketing

We collaborate with influencer marketers who are primarily users of our service and whose network and content align with our service and brand values. Contact us with your proposal and describe at least the following information about you and your content production:

Please forward the above information to our marketing manager Maija at asiakaspalvelu@op-kevytyrittaja.fi.