Light Entrepreneurship School

Is your class or community interested in light entrepreneurship? We organize training on OP Light Entrepreneurship, tailored remotely and, if possible, also live on site.

OP Light Entrepreneur - Specialist to talk about light entrepreneurship

Since the establishment of the service, we have organized trainings for various educational institutions, companies and other organizations, telling about light entrepreneurship with a business ID. We are happy to talk about light entrepreneurship and the work revolution it drives at training events, or as part of entrepreneurship-themed courses and lectures.

We see light entrepreneurship and self-employment with business ID as an important and significant part of our society, as there are already 237,564 sole proprietors (according to the PRH's statistics on 3.1.2022). The purpose of our service is to promote self-employment by making the establishment of a company effortless. We had the honor to establish over 25% of private traders business ID's in 2021. We register a business ID for free (in Finnish) for users who register to our service, if one has not yet been established.

Training event themes

We organize the trainings according to the event and target group. Before the lecture, we map out the wishes with the contact person and prepare the whole to serve the event as best we can, leaving room for discussion. We have compiled a list of possible themes to facilitate the organization of the training:

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Specialist Lassi smiles with his arms crossed.
Our goal with the trainings is to lower the threshold for starting a business. We want to increase awareness about entrepreneurship, when it is worthwhile, and what needs to be considered in entrepreneurship.
Lassi Leppänen, Business developer, OP Light Entrepreneur

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