Users’ experiences of the OP Light Entrepreneur service

Neea, Musician

Every time I use OP Light Entrepreneur, I’m amazed that self-employment can really be this easy. I’m so glad that I ran into the service at the last moment, just before becoming a private trader, and would advise all my colleagues to switch to this easy way of billing and reporting expenses. It’s no small matter that the website is easy to use and has a spacious and attractive layout: this makes dry paperwork much more pleasant. I tend to use my mobile phone to create bills for customers. With OP’s service, this takes just a few minutes while commuting. Someone else handles the nitty gritty for me, leaving me more time and energy for what matters — creativity, the key element in my work.

Matti, Fitter

I started using the service to get small, billable jobs. It’s worked beautifully! The instructions and templates are clear, and customers have more trust in me as a private trader. The service helps me to ‘productise’ my expertise and gain customers.

Jenni, Designer

Entrepreneurship just doesn’t get easier than this. Everything that worried me about going into business has worked like a dream with OP Light Entrepreneur. I’ve also learned a lot about business finances and taxation by managing things independently via the service. Any niggling questions have been answered right away by the service! I would give them full marks!

Taneli, Freelance Author

OP Light Entrepreneur provided me with an easy way of creating a business ID and billing companies for my services. I don’t like paperwork because it feels like a waste of valuable time. Using OP Light Entrepreneur to invoice for projects is so easy that it leaves me to focus on what I’m genuinely good at.

Tiina, Graphic Designer

The OP Light Entrepreneur service has brought me freedom and peace of mind. I don’t have to handle paperwork or complex, tax-related matters, which leaves me to focus on my actual work. I warmly recommend the service!

Kasperi, Web Designer

Becoming an OP Light Entrepreneur may be easy, but using the service is even easier! Billing customers is effortless. In my case, this has worked without a hitch. Customer service is outstanding. The service’s staff are warm and professional. I would recommend the OP Light Entrepreneur service to anyone!

Elisa, Photographer

For me, the best aspect is the ease of handling bookkeeping and taxation via the service. All I have to do is send bills, OP’s service does the rest! Whatever concerns I have, chat provides me with fast, professional advice. The website is an excellent source of key information in all other regards.

Leevi, Creative

My hesitation about becoming a spare-time freelancer ended as soon as I began using the easy and intuitive OP Light Entrepreneur. The customer service is outstanding. Having tried out other services, I wouldn’t switch away from OP Light Entrepreneur.

Ira, Communications Coach

The user interface layout is practical and attractive: all the information I need is close to hand. With the chat service just one click away, it feels like being in the same office as my accountant. I’ve mainly used the extremely fast and stylish e-invoicing service. When a certain customer wanted a paper invoice, I was surprised to see that I didn’t need to print anything, or lick postage stamps — the OP Light Entrepreneur service did it all for me!

John, Translator

OP Light Entrepreneur has provided me with flexibility, support and confidence in running my side business. I can focus on the big issues without worrying whether my billing and bookkeeping will be done properly. The service is very clear and easy to use. I hadn’t realised how much time and money I’d been wasting on expensive billing services before I had a business ID. Running a side business feels easier and more worthwhile, now that I have an intuitive service and a support team ready to give advice when needed. The service is continuously developed and I’ve noticed that the customer service team offers advice about light entrepreneurship in general, as well as on OP’s product. It is also a one-stop shop for light entrepreneurs, which genuinely makes everyday life easier for me as a spare-time businessman.

Janiina, Cosmetologist

I started in business as a beautician in May 2018. After weighing up my options, I chose light entrepreneurship, which sounded like a simple way of entering business. This turned out to be true — I’ve yet to have a problem which couldn’t be solved within a couple of days at most. I really love the chat service, which provides the answers to some questions right away. The service fee feels reasonable and I’m happy to pay it, knowing that all my bookkeeping is handled for me and I can focus on the key issue, my work.

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