Entrepreneurship guides

We aim to make the journey easier for new entrepreneurs or those intending to become one. Setting up a business should be as hassle-free and swift as possible, regardless of whether you're operating with a Business ID or invoicing without one.

With OP Light Entrepreneurship, you can become a real entrepreneur without the heavy paperwork. Benefit from having a Business ID and save up to 20% compared to invoicing without one. Focus on what you do best, whether it's spinning turntables as a DJ or grooming dogs. We've compiled a set of entrepreneurial guides to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Is light entrepreneurship right for me?


Are you considering becoming a light entrepreneur? This article explores the basics of business ideas, business plans and starting out in business.

Becoming a private trader


You will need to spend time looking into the matter before becoming a private trader. We’ve posted an article with all the key facts, challenges and benefits of becoming a private trader. Read the article to find out how to become a private trader and avoid possible pitfalls when starting out in business.

Self-employed persons’ pension insurance (YEL)


What is YEL insurance and do I need it? In this section, we explain the YEL insurance criteria, size of your contributions and other practical matters.