Why can’t I see OP Light Entrepreneur income and expenses on my pre-completed tax return?

Every person or organisation obliged to pay tax is issued with a pre-completed tax return in early March, via the MyTax service. The return includes earned and capital income, and deductions by income type, for the previous year.

Your final taxation and the amount of any tax refund are shown in a tax decision issued later

Income and deductions calculated by the OP Light Entrepreneur service are not necessarily shown on the pre-completed tax return.

All income and expenses for business IDs should be reported for business tax returns (form 5) via the service. We will send the notification by the due date, generally during March. For this reason, the information will not necessarily be transferred in time for the pre-completed tax return early in the year.

The information will show on the final tax decision sent to you later in the spring. So, the final tax decision lists all earned income, capital income, business income and the related deductions for the previous year.

Do not add business income to the pre-completed form

You must check earned and capital income in the pre-completed tax return and make corrections and additions if necessary. Advice on filling in the pre-completed tax return is available at www.vero.fi.

NOTE! YEL pension insurance is the only expense under a business ID which is deductible on a pre-completed tax return. Add a YEL pension insurance deduction only if you have not already added such insurance to your OP Light Entrepreneur user account as an expense.

Do not add a deduction for YEL pension insurance to the pre-completed tax return if you have already added it as a deduction on the ‘Expense’ tab of our service. To check whether you have already added YEL pension insurance to your user account, go to ‘bookkeeping’ on the Expense tab and select the correct financial year.

For further details, see Private traders’ tax return and read the instructions on how to download this from MyTax.

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