Business tax return for business operators and self-employed persons (form 5)

Every customer who uses our service has a private trader business ID, which is used to file income and expenses with the Finnish Tax Administration on a business tax return.

We will file the return on your behalf

The OP Light Entrepreneur service will file your tax return with the Finnish Tax Administration if you have been a registered customer until at least the end of the last calendar year (31 December). We will automatically file the tax return with the Tax Administration after the year-end (by the end of March).

Are you in paid employment?

Please note that our service only files tax returns for business activities. If you are in paid employment as well as being a private trader with us, and are entitled to tax deductions, you must use a pre-filled tax return to file them. See for further details about tax deductions on earnings.

One return is filed for each business activity for the whole calendar year. The business tax return includes all income, expenses and travel expenses of the business in question. Whenever you use our service to create an invoice or add deductions, we will record them in your private-trader tax return. There is no need to draw up separate financial statements for the Tax Administration. In other words, as our customer you do not need to file tax returns with the Tax Administration for your business activities.

Where can I see the tax return filed on my behalf?

When the Tax Administration has processed your return, you can view it on the MyTax service:

  1. Log into the MyTax service in the role of a company

  2. Select "Tax returns and tax information" from the "Activities" section on the right

  3. Select the correct year

  4. Select "Business tax return - business owners and the self-employed"

  5. Select "View" or "Open as file (pdf)"; you can download the PDF onto your device.

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