Become a light entrepreneur

Become a light entrepreneur
With a business ID

Our service is perfect for new and existing private traders, no matter who they bank with.

In business for yourself without the heavy paperwork.

We’ll apply for your business ID right away. You can start billing customers today. Billing is easy — you only pay a service charge of 5 % of your sales. If your net sales exceed 30 000 euros, the rest of the year is free of charge.

Become a light entrepreneur

The easiest way to invoice and enjoy all the tax benefits that come with a business ID. Perfect for both new and existing private traders.

  • Tax deduct your business-related expenses.
  • With business ID, you will receive VAT relief.
  • With the entrepreneur deduction, 5 % of your income will be tax-free.
  • You can apply for start-up grant.
  • We will handle your tax returns and tax payments on your behalf.

Invoice without a business ID

Take your first steps as a light entrepreneur without setting up a business ID, or invoice occasionally with no commitments.

  • No commitments, you can send a single invoice without setting up an own business ID.
  • You only invoice for occasional work gigs.
  • Extra income alongside work, study, or unemployment benefits.

OP Light Entrepreneur — more than 22 000 entrepreneurs have already signed up

Portrait of Lasse Liffländer I’ve been delighted with the OP Light Entrepreneur service. Billing and other paperwork are a piece of cake and handled fast. I have only positive experiences of the service. Lasse Liffländer, Coach, Physiotherapist
Portrait of Jaana Pylvänen
OP Light Entrepreneur provides a high-class customer experience! It allows me to focus on my clients’ needs and makes it easy to keep track of my business’s finances.
Jaana Pylvänen, Business Coach
Antti kokemukset kevytyrittäjänä
OP Light Entrepreneur provides a high-class customer experience! It allows me to focus on my clients’ needs and makes it easy to keep track of my business’s finances.
Antti Vuorela,, Director, Performer, Digital Specialist

Forget about paperwork

We'll handle the paperwork, tax returns and tax payments on your behalf, leaving you to do what you do best — productive work.

The easy way to send bills

With our service, sending bills is easy and free of charge. Just tell us who you are billing, and for what — we’ll handle the rest for you.

Automatic bookkeeping

Outgoing and incoming bills and payments are automatically entered in bookkeeping. You can also enter cash sales in the accounts. We automatically make the appropriate tax deductions as you add business expenses.

Payments are clear

We charge a service fee (+ VAT 24 %) of 5 % of your sales before VAT. The rest is paid into your account.

The service charge is only paid on net sales of up to 30 000 euros. If your net sales exceed 30 000 euros, you’ll pay no further service fees for the year in question.


Through our services, you can take out pension insurance for self-employed persons (YEL insurance) and voluntary insurance policies, such as accident and general liability insurance.

Customer service chat

We want to support you as you take your first steps in business. After registering as an OP Light Entrepreneur, you can use our chat service, on the lower-right of all our web pages. We are here for you!

Who does light entrepreneurship suit?

Light entrepreneurship is a good option if you a promising business idea and want to start up a company easily. As a light entrepreneur, you can take time to test your business idea while focusing on your customers’ needs and developing your business.

Light entrepreneurship is the right choice for you when

  • You want to provide services for consumers/other businesses
  • You create products, such as artworks, for sale
  • You want freedom to manage your work and time
  • You want to focus on your business and outsource the paperwork to us.