Can I receive cash or card payments through the service?

Yes, you can record income from cash or card payments as cash settlements via our service. In all cases of income from other sources, use the form in your user account to perform cash settlements in our customer asset account. The form is at ‘New → Cash settlement’ in the navigation view.

By when should I enter cash sales in the accounts?

Cash transactions must be settled by the end of the calendar month following the sale, at the latest. For example, you receive money in your account or in cash for a sale on 13 January. You must settle the cash transaction by 28 February.

Settle cash sales in the accounts before 21 December

Cash sales made in November and December must be settled in the accounts before 21 December. Contact our customer service if you receive cash income in December, which you cannot settle in the accounts during the same year.

Provide your customers with a receipt for every sales transaction.

Note! The full sales amount must be entered via the service each time. In other words, enter the full amount you received from the customer, before tax and other deductions, as the cash settlement. Possible sales bonuses and rent must be added to expenses after the sale.

You can record the following income as cash sales:

  • Cash payments
  • Card payments
  • Online store sales within Finland
  • Customer payments directly into your account
  • Income from payment service providers

You can make several payments in the same month or settle one month’s sales at a time. Each month and VAT rate has its own reference number.

Settlement in the accounts

If you have cash payments, card payments or other non-invoiced payments, settle them in the accounts as follows.

  • Go to New → Cash settlement in your user account and click the form to open it.
  • Select the VAT rate used in the sale and click the orange "View settlement details" button
  • You will be given an account number and reference number. Take note of these and pay the amount via your online bank, using the correct account number and reference number.

We can settle the net amount for the sale quickly if you provide us with the correct reference numbers. Settle sales with different VAT rates separately, for example if your sales include items with 10 % VAT and 24 % VAT.

Remember to give a receipt every time

You should always give customers a receipt if you do not bill them. Keep the receipt as proof of sale for later use.

The receipt can be a payment summary issued by a service provider, or a receipt for cash sales. The Accounting Act states that you must keep receipts for 6 years. You do not need to submit receipts via the service, but you must be able to present them if necessary.

If you make direct cash sales, provide your customer with a receipt for each sale. You can buy a receipt book from a stationer or bookstore. The receipt must include the following information.

  • Your business ID
  • Your own or company’s name
  • Date
  • Description of product or service
  • Number of units
  • VAT rate
  • Amount of VAT
  • Total amount (incl. VAT)

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