Selvi Kesuma

Personal Assistant

Hi! I'm a final year business student in Haaga-Helia and I'm currently a freelance assistant for a marketing and communications company. I'm passionate about helping a company to achieve its maximum potential by taking on the tedious task for them. So far, I have done excel management for my client, audio transcriptions for major companies in Finland and Asia, setting up a CRM tool and communicating with sub-contractors to help them getting up to speed with the tool. I am a capable person and I would always do my best to achieve any goal. I can take care of your travel arrangements and manage your calendar, as well as taking care of communications for you. I can write a document or article for you as well! If you need anything else, I'm always up to learning new things as needed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or proposals!

Erityisosaaminen: potential client and competitors background research, CRM, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Excel management, audio transcriptions, document creations, travel arrangements, calendar management, internal and external communications, competitor benchmarking, editing and proofreading, event arrangement

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